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Manga can be identified as a Japanese comics. The word "Manga" is frequently utilized improperly to refer, by extension, a non-Japanese comics respecting the constraints of Japanese best-selling productions or even to appoint other graphic products recalling several of these comics (animes, graphic style, etc. )

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The manga was born in Japan during the eighteenth century and exploded in 1950-1960, the time the country of the Rising Sun has seen quick and significant economical extension. The objective of comics manga was to present inexpensive and practical alternative to pass the leisure of the day for employees, whether businessman or ordinary employee (routes and waiting areas of subways, trains, bus ...). the manga artist, labeled "mangaka", works with a very economical paper considering that it is reused, is nearly the same one as used by newspapers. The texts of initial mangas are neither extremely complicated nor large. Indeed, a adolescent person can read a manga of two hundred pages in quarter-hour.

The subjects of the manga are quite varied however, principally love stories, cities , martial arts and science-fiction.

Manga, manual

The origin of the term: the term manga, derisory image is copied from the label of a set of drawings of the excellent Japanese artist Hokusai. The artist (1760-1849) excelled at crisis on the deep his contemporaries. Manga that we know shot to popularity after the Second World War, with the increase of illustrated catalogs that still in Japan, the opportunity of expression for artists named mangaka.

The reading direction: From right to left, from the end to the beginning. A couple of editors give a sympathetic adaptation to Westerns, but they are hard to find. Neophytes don’t worry, you eventually become used to.

The selection of genres: shônen for men, shôjo for young girls, seinen for older, joshei for women. The manga is known by classes that concentrate on their audience, frequently divided between women and men and also by age. While most of creation, for younger people, recounts fighting hero and dazzling romances, stories for older comes with all types (technology, police …).

manga websites Evolution of mangas

The manga development, in the beginning with minimal importance in nippon tradition, has varied through the emergence of real manga whose texts and script were a lot more involved instead of its predecessors, the hard covers appeared and offered the manga its nobility. The arrival of large animated sagas and frequently color were created (St Seiya, Akira, DragonBall, etc...). Topics became much more diversified, making manga, a graphic representation of the world in which we live.


A scanlation , sometimes also known as scanslation, scantrad or mangascan means a manga that has been digitalised (scanned) and translated by readers since its original language (often Japanese or Korean ) to another (mostly English , French, Spanish, German and Arabic ) .

The scanlations usually distributed without cost to get on-line in different methods, such IRC or p2p.

The most popular mangas

Naruto is the appellation of a shōnen manga write by Masashi Kishimoto . This manga chronicles the adventures of Naruto Uzumaki , a young fiery character and jester who dreams of becoming a "master Hokage " , the top classification in the order of ninjas. This manga is released in Japan since Nov 1999 in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine released by Shueisha. Its designer, the designer-writer Masashi Kishimoto (born 1974) had previously received the «Hope Step», given to authors having a good prospect, at the age of 20 years.

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